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If you have been reading my blog and others in the Security Bloggers Network recently then hopefully you should know about the really cool alliance this year between Black Hat and the Security Bloggers Network. If not, here is a quick and dirty overview…

Basically, there will be a Black Hat topic of the week based on one of the scheduled briefings. The bloggers can then blog on that topic to hopefully generate some interesting conversation prior to the conference. Since there are about 150 different security blogs covering every angle of security in the network it should make for some interesting blog posts.

In addition the Security Bloggers Network will be linked on the Black Hat web site and in various conference paraphernalia. Personally, I am really looking forward to blogging about some of the hot topics that will be talked about at Black Hat this year!

Be sure to follow all the Black Hat updates on Twitter and if you haven’t subscribed to the Security Bloggers Network OPML, check it out! You can also follow me on Twitter and FriendFeed as I will be at both Black Hat and Defcon 16 this year, hope to see some of you there…

Also, if you plan on attending this year don’t forget to register for the Black Hat “sneak peek” webcast on June 26th!

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