Social Engineering Used in Museum Heist

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<%image(20080610-bear_spray.jpg|132|90|Bear spray is no joke)%>

Classic social engineering at it’s best…a professional thief (or thieves) apparently got away with over 2 million in rare art and jewelry. Pretty much sounds like a movie scenario! From the CBC article:

“Four hours before the break-in on May 23, two or three key surveillance cameras at the Museum of Anthropology mysteriously went off-line.

Around the same time, a caller claiming to be from the alarm company phoned campus security, telling them there was a problem with the system and to ignore any alarms that might go off.

Campus security fell for the ruse and ignored an automated computer alert sent to them, police sources told CBC News.”

Wonderful. It gets better…

“Then, as the lone guard working overnight in the museum that night left for a smoke break, the thief or thieves broke in, wearing gas masks and spraying bear spray to slow down anyone who might stumble across them.”

Bear spray you say? Yes sir…bear spray is some serious stuff. It’s like regular self defense pepper spray but “super charged”! By the way…what’s the deal with the surge in “bear spray” related crimes in Canada? Can anyone in Canada verify a serious bear problem up there? 😉

They still haven’t caught the thieves. These guys were good. Goes to show you yet another example of “no tech” hacking and how humans are always the weakest link in security.

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