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Exploit status for MS08-067

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I won’t go into detail about the new Microsoft vulnerability…you all know it’s pretty serious and there are a ton of blogs and websites talking about the dirty details. Hopefully you have all read about it and are getting the word out about patching. However, there are some updates on the status of currently available exploits for the vulnerability that I found interesting.

Public exploit code?
Yesterday Microsoft posted this update to their blog on the MSRC. Microsoft says that there is currently no public exploit code available. The code mentioned that causes a denial of service attack was the code posted on Milw0rm I believe. The only working code released was from Immunity CANVAS and Core Impact if you are a paying customer. Core Impact does mention that the exploit is in early release and may contain bugs or limited functionality (not 100% reliable).

Gimmiv.A – Is it a worm or a trojan?
Don’t let the thought cross your mind that you can perhaps delay patching your systems because public exploit code is not working/available! You still need to patch as there is malware that is currently out in the wild (Gimmiv.A) being used in “targeted” attacks. Whether or not this is a trojan or a worm is up for debate. Microsoft says this is not a worm but a trojan. However, other researchers are saying that this is worm because of the way it attacks other hosts on a network via RPC. I guess you could call it a “network-aware” trojan as ThreatExpert mentions. Either way, malware authors are most likely developing more powerful payloads as I write this.

As a final reminder we all know based on past history with RPC vulnerabilities…reliable public exploit code will be out before you know it! Make sure you take your patching seriously…

UPDATE: If you follow HD Moore on Twitter you will see that he has just released MS08-067 PoC code for Metasploit.

Exploit in the wild for the Kaminsky DNS vulnerability

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Looks like the exploit code has been released by HD Moore as a Metasploit module. Hope everyone took the DNS patching requests seriously since we all know Metasploit is really easy to use (yes, especially for script kiddies!).

If you haven’t patched your DNS yet…do it now! Check here for more information and here to check your DNS servers to see if they are vulnerable. If your ISP’s DNS is still vulnerable…change your DNS servers to use OpenDNS!

Has the DNS vulnerability been revealed?

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Perhaps someone has figured it out or just decided to announce it but the big DNS vulnerability that Dan Kaminsky told the world about may have been revealed. Apparently a reverse engineer named Halver Flake was pretty close to figuring out how the vulnerability works. Then someone at Matasano apparently posted the details and then pulled them. Something is going on in the blogosphere…you can find details about the vulnerability on Slashdot and other blogs regarding the post that was on Matasano then removed:

Via McGrew Security:

“Let’s try again to convince Bob that WWW.VICTIM.COM is

This time though, instead of getting Bob to look up WWW.VICTIM.COM and then beating Alice in the race, or getting Bob to look up WWW.EVIL.COM and slipping strychnine into his ham sandwich, we’re going to be clever (sneaky).

Get Bob to look up AAAAA.VICTIM.COM. Race Alice. Alice’s answer is NXDOMAIN, because there’s no such name as AAAAA.VICTIM.COM. Mallory has an answer. We’ll come back to it. Alice has an advantage in the race, and so she likely beats Mallory. NXDOMAIN for AAAAA.VICTIM.COM.

Alice’s advantage is not insurmountable. Mallory repeats with AAAAB.VICTIM.COM. Then AAAAC.VICTIM.COM. And so on. Sometime, perhaps around CXOPQ.VICTIM.COM, Mallory wins! Bob believes CXOPQ.VICTIM.COM is!

Poisoning CXOPQ.VICTIM.COM is not super valuable to Mallory. But Mallory has another trick up her sleeve. Because her response didn’t just say CXOPQ.VICTIM.COM was It also contained Additional RRs pointing WWW.VICTIM.COM to Those records are in-bailiwick: Bob is in fact interested in VICTIM.COM for this query. Mallory has combined attack #1 with attack #2, defeating fix #1 and fix #2. Mallory can conduct this attack in less than 10 seconds on a fast Internet link.”

Meanwhile, Dan Kaminsky posted the following on his blog:

“Patch. Today. Now. Yes, stay late. Yes, forward to OpenDNS if you have to. (They’re ready for your traffic.) Thank you to the many of you who already have.”

This might imply that Matasano has the goods…I hope everyone is patched out there! Things are about to get interesting!

EDIT: Thomas over at Matasano has issued a public apology about the post in question.