phpBB2 Retirement Plan Announced

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<%image(20080506-phpbb_logo.png|204|94|phpBB2 goes bye bye)%>

For those of you using phpBB2 (which last I checked was still one of the most popular open source forum software out there), you had better start to think about upgrading to the latest version, phpBB3 “Olympus”.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with phpBB…it has been the most popular target for attackers in the last couple years in terms of forum hacking so as a webmaster you really needed to keep up with phpBB security patches. There were some rather serious vulnerabilities discovered multiple times over the years so I am not sad to see the 2.0 branch bite the dust. It almost reminds me of how WordPress is being targeted because of it’s recent surge in popularity right now. Anyway, it is good to see the phpBB development team taking secure coding much more seriously with the new version 3.0.

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