Video Game Hardware Hacking

Sony PSP Homebrew Primer

Confused about all the different homebrew firmware that is available for the PSP? Want to know the history behind the homebrew community? Then you need to read this article which gives a great introduction to PSP homebrew.

The Wii has been hacked

I was wondering when someone was going to finally hack the Wii! Well it seems that it has finally been done…at least partially. The hack demonstration apparently took place at 24C3 (24th Annual Chaos Communication Congress) last week. The hackers demonstrated a way to run native Wii homebrew (not in GameCube mode) that even includes …

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Recent PSP Hacks Summary

Lots of new news on the latest PSP hacks! Below is a summary: Cable allows easy hook-up of third party GPS systems – Cool! Now you can use your PSP with GPS. From the website: “Thanks to the availability of MapThis mapping software (free) and GMDL map downloading software (free) PSP owners from most parts …

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PS3 PVR Tutorial

So I just got a PS3 and have been looking at all the cool things you can do with it…since you can run Linux on a PS3 (Yellowdog, Gentoo, etc..). One of the things you can turn your PS3 into is a PVR and record TV shows. There is a great site that shows you …

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