Recent PSP Hacks Summary

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Lots of new news on the latest PSP hacks! Below is a summary:

Cable allows easy hook-up of third party GPS systems

– Cool! Now you can use your PSP with GPS. From the website: “Thanks to the availability of MapThis mapping software (free) and GMDL map downloading software (free) PSP owners from most parts of the world can connect to other handheld/serial GPS for navigation through PSP.”

One Wire Pandora Battery — No Software Required

– From PSP Hacks: ““Pandoraize” your PSP Phat and/or Slim battery without any software related hacks; just take a close look at the diagrams provided by godzivan. If you have a steady hand, it only requires the soldering of one wire. Upon success, create your magic memory stick!”

– If you don’t know what the Pandora Battery is, check here.

PSP modded for internal camera, speakers

– Pretty cool mod..took lots of time..time most people don’t have! 🙂

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