Cross Platform File Encryption – Drop Secure Professional 2.0

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Pretty unique file encryption program available for Mac and Windows now available. It’s called Drop Secure Professional 2.0. What makes this program different then others is that it:

“…starts by dividing up the file into small chunks. By default, those chunks are 256 bytes long. Each chunk is encrypted with a separate cipher, using a separate password that is derived from a hash of information provided by the user, from the archive, and from the data being encrypted. This password is used only once for that one chunk of data, and then discarded. The chunks of data are placed in an archive file, with pertinent information encrypted again as a group.”


“When used with one of the encryption types that support 256 bit key sizes, Drop Secure ProTM meets and exceeds recommendations for security and key strength set by DCSSI, BSI, and the NSA.”

Not a bad investment for $57. You can download a 30-day trail here.

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