Geek out with your own RGB combination door lock

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Hack a Day posted a cool tutorial today on how to make your own RGB combination door lock. What is this monstrosity of geekness? Think Star Trek, Star Wars or any other science fiction movie with scenes of cool blinky lights! Now you too can secure your man room, computer lab or whatever and really impress your friends. From Hack a Day:

“Instead of typing in numbers, your password is a unique set of colors.”

“By entering the correct color code, the pad will flash green and unlock the door for 10 seconds. If you go over the limit counter, it will flash red for 30 seconds.”

Pretty cool. Check out the pictures and details on the Hack a Day web site. Anyone have the nerve or electronics knowledge to put one of these together? Looks like part 2 of the article will talk about how to make the PC board, cut a custom wall plate, install the lock strike and more.

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  1. Tyler says:

    This is one of the reasons I wish I knew how to do EE. 🙁 That is so cool.

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