Speaking at Notacon 6 this week!

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It’s time to gear up for Notacon 6 which starts for me on Thursday night at 7pm. I will be at the preview night giving a short overview of my presentation on Saturday “Rise of the Autobots: Into the Underground of Social Network Bots”. I have been busy tuning and making some last minute updates to the presentation. Some of these last minute updates include some code that myself and a few others have been working on as well as the announcement of a new open source project. What would a con be without a release of some code right? This is exciting stuff that I’m looking forward to talking about in my presentation. It all goes down at 5pm in the East Ballroom on Saturday.

Shortly after my talk on Saturday I will have my presentation posted as well as links to the code being released and links to the new project I will be talking about. Stay tuned to this blog for those details over the weekend.

At Notacon I will also be participating in Notacon Radio with the other co-hosts of the Security Justice podcast. Follow Security Justice on Twitter for details on when we will be live. We should be doing some interviews with some of the speakers as well. If you are at the con, stop by and say Hi!

Some other events at Notacon…there is a Security Twits meetup taking place on Thursday organized by @geekgrrl. If you plan on going you need to RSVP via DM to her like yesterday…I’ll be there as well as a few others from Twitter.

I also posted a list of recommended Notacon speakers and events on the Security Justice web site you can check out here so I won’t regurgitate the speakers that I will be going to see. Anyway, I should be live tweeting as I usually do at conferences so be sure to follow me for Notacon updates.

Lastly…this has been a crazy 2-3 months for me. Lots of changes going on with things I have been involved with and projects I have been working on. With all of this activity it has left little time for the blog but I will be getting back into regular posting once things slow down a little so thanks for sticking around. I am still amazed that this whole social media/networking security research has really taken off for me. I must have found a niche! 🙂 I still have a focus on pentesting (mostly for my job) but it’s cool to see how other interests evolve and morph into greater things. Such is life right?

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