Social Network Bots Presentation and my Recap from Notacon 6

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Melt your mind at Notacon!

I’m back from Notacon 6 that took place in Cleveland over the weekend and finally have some time to get a post up. All I have to say is…wow. What a great con! This was my first Notacon (yeah, I live in Cleveland…sad I know) and I was totally impressed! There was a great line up of speakers, really fun events and a kick ass game room. The game room was really cool. They had everything from a fully loaded NES and Commodore 64 for your retro gaming fix as well as Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Speaking of Rock Band…myself, Chris, Jack, and Jane entered into the Rock Band competition as the “Notabots”. We won the highest score competition and walked away with over a case and a half of Bawls energy drink, a few books and a sweet retro floppy disk clock. If you know me at all…the energy drink was the best prize ever! 🙂

Just like most other smaller con’s the best part is still the great networking opportunities. One talk that was really outstanding was the talk by James “Myrcurial” Arlen titled “From a Black Hat to a Black Suit – The Econopocalypse Now Edition”. His talk is honestly one that anyone wanting to advance their career in Information Security should see. One thing I took away from his talk was that those of us in Information Security should never forget to mentor others, especially those in an entry level position. Remember, we were all the new guy just getting our feet wet at some point…having a mentor is invaluable to the learning process especially in the beginning of your career. In addition, James is a great guy and is someone who has pretty much “seen it all” when it comes to the corporate world.

Rise of the Autobots: Into the Underground of Social Network Bots Presentation Materials
My presentation went great! Thanks to everyone that came out to see it and for all the feedback. I was stoked that we were able to release some really cool code thanks to Robin Wood and announce a new open source project. You can download the Twitterbot POC code here from Robin’s website. I posted the slides from my presentation on Slideshare and the video should be up with the rest of the Notacon presentations soon. This won’t be the end of this research. I am hoping to put together a white paper on this subject using the research I have done thus far. The Notabot code I mentioned is available on the project site which I will talk about more below.

UPDATE: The video from my Notacon talk is available now to view on Vimeo.

Details on the Social Network Bots Open Source Project
I created a SourceForge project for all the development for the bot army I am looking to create (joke). Basically I’m looking for others interested in developing bots for social networks to join up on the team and contribute code to the project. I have already talked to some of you at Notacon and there looks like a few of you would like to work on N0tab0t version 1.1 which might be…well interesting to say the least! You can check out the project on We are looking for any kind of social network bot…not just Twitter bots. If you want to join in, post something on the project forum or send me an email.

Stay tuned. Lots of more social media security research goodness coming soon! Thanks for sticking around for the ride! 🙂


  1. Glad to have helped, let me know if you want any more coding doing.

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