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Looks like the Notacon website has updated the speaker list and there looks to be some really good talks so far. Here is the list from the Notacon 6 website and blog post:

Time To Replicate The Real Threat: Client Side Penetration Testing
CG & g0ne

Interactivity with Arduinos, Transducing the Physical World
droops & Morgellon the Lowtek Mystic

Fun With The MSP430 MCU
Travis Goodspeed

Hacking Light – How we came to love Holga and Other Stories of photo hi jinx
Jeon & Treize

“Pilates” for Common Cubicle Injuries
Michele Martaus

Super Jason Scott Presentation 64
Jason Scott

Programming The Sega Genesis For Mad Profit and Crazy Mad Profit

Hacking Cognition
Tottenkoph & Selkie

Intro to Go
Jason Viers

What is Notacon?
Notacon is one of the most unique conferences you will ever attend! Notacon 6 is April 16th – 19th 2009 held in Cleveland, Ohio. Notacon explores and showcases technologies, philosophy and creativity often overlooked at many “hacker cons”. Registration is open!

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