Transport a live computer without shutting it down

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<%image(20071107-hotplug.jpg|350|350|WiebeTech HotPlug)%>

Here is a product that is truly revolutionary. A company called WiebeTech has developed a technology that allows forensic investigators (ie: Police) the ability to move a powered on computer. Their product called “HotPlug” basically gives you the ability to unplug a live computer (if plugged into a power strip or wall outlet) and transport the computer via UPS (Uninterpreted Power Supply). Without the power strip, it is a bit more advanced but easily done. You can check out the video demos on their web site.

Also interesting to note that using HotPlug is a way to circumvent whole disk encryption. They have a pretty good procedure around this as described on their web site. Lets not forget about the Mouse Jiggler product they also sell which works in conjunction with circumventing whole disk encryption.

The Mouse Jiggler is a USB key that you can plug into a computer (PC and Mac) to move the mouse courser either slow or fast to prevent the screen saver and/or computer to lock. Great for pranks and investigations! 🙂

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