More Firefox application testing plugins: ExploitMe

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I recently wrote about some other Firefox plugins which allow you to manipulate and hack web pages. Looks like there is another set of tools called “ExploitMe” which allows for SQL Injection and XSS (Cross Site Scripting), and web service testing. From the article:

“The ExploitMe tools — which are in currently in beta form — include SQL Inject-Me, which lets you right-click on an HTML field in your Firefox browser and inject it with SQL injection payloads, and XSS-Me, which works the same way, but with XSS. The tools developers also plan to release Web services exploit tools as well…”

Looks like this is becoming a new trend in application testing tools. Good to see that things are using a good framework like Firefox extensions to add useful tools for testing. Note that I just did a quick search for the ExploitMe set of of tools in the Firefox extensions database and it has not been released yet as the creators will be launching these tools at the SecTor conference later this month.

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