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You may have noticed something strange about my blog.  Clean, smooth, fast, different…these are all things that describe the look and feel of the new blog (hopefully).  What happened?  Well for starters I was fed up with the basic features of Nucleus CMS.  While Nucleus was a very stable and reliable (read: low on the blog hacking list), it’s about ten years behind in blogging technology.  No built in post tagging, no WYSIWYG editor, link lists that had to be edited in php, etc…I picked WordPress to upgrade to because it’s really the most user friendly and has some really great features and plugins.  Yeah, it’s a target for vulnerabilities but I’m willing to live with that as long as I have a blog that’s easy to maintain and can help me save time when posting/editing things.

The adventure of blog migration to WordPress
I started the transition from Nucleus CMS to WordPress early last week…of course thinking this would be an easy migration.  Ummm, no.  It was pretty painful actually.  You see, WordPress doesn’t have a official migration path from Nucleus CMS.  So I had to rely on the advice of others in the WordPress community that had done the same upgrade in the past.  Of course there were a bunch of different ways to do this so I basically took a few of the migration scripts that a few others have written, hacked them up even more and tested.  Testing took about a week…it really sucked.  I had to install version 2.1 of WordPress to use a certain migration script that I didn’t feel like recoding to get to work with 2.8.1.  Of course my categories and images were FUBAR so there was another script I had to write to fix that.  BUT, the biggest issue was how Nucleus handles URL’s for blog posts.  The problem was that I had lots of links out there in Google and other places pointing to blog posts.  In Nucleus my post links were like this:


WordPress links are something like this:


So your probably thinking that I can just make my links in WordPress match the Nucleus links?  Nope.  WordPress renumbered all my posts out of order and writing another script to re-number 400+ posts wasn’t in my plan.  So…mod_rewrite and php scripting to the rescue!  I must say, I haven’t had a situation yet where I had to manipulate URL’s on a website yet but now that I did…mod_rewrite is awesome and it was a great learning experience.  I won’t go into gory detail but in a nutshell I used a SQL query to map my old numbered posts from the nucleus posts table to the WordPress style URL naming…by date so they match up.  I then took that query output and put it into a php script.  The php script is referenced in my .htaccess file that contains the RewriteRules.  So…when someone clicks on the old style Nucleus links the script maps it to the new links.  Cool.  If you want to see all of the code I followed the guide that another blogger posted about his migration but made my own modifications and did a few things different then his code did…but you should get the general idea.

What changes?
So besides the blogging platform other things I decided to do was a new logo/header that @JaneDeLay created for me (she rocks!) and I decided to include more of my other publications, articles and such in separate pages.  I also put a speaking page where you can find out where I’m speaking at and also a list of past talks (something a few of you have wanted to know).  RSS feeds are still through FeedBurner so you don’t have to update your feeds.  Lastly, I decided to move the majority of my social media security research to another site altogether.  This site is focused on social media security and will have guides, videos, presentations and research from not only myself but others.  I’m planning on launching the site at DEFCON 17 at my talk or right before it.  It’s been difficult blogging about anything lately because of my crazy work/home/life schedule so hopefully the new site will bring some focus back into blogging and about other things besides social media. 🙂 I’ll probably mention some of the content from the new site on this blog if it seems relevant.

Anyway, let me know if you have any feedback on the new site (there might be a few bugs still) and thanks for reading my blog!

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