What does a hacker…hear?

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What does a hacker hear?

Good post on Bloginfosec last week that talks about all the interesting security related sounds that go on in pretty much any environment just by listening.

If you saw Johnny Long’s “No Tech Hacking” presentation then you will probably remember the line “What does a hacker see?” as Johnny pointed out items in pictures that wouldn’t be a big deal to the average person but to a hacker this information becomes extremely valuable.

Russell Handorf who wrote the article on Bloginfosec also put together a pretty cool quiz that you can take online to see if you can recognize some typical and not so typical sounds from various computing devices. I would be interested in hearing more about cell phone defaults…for example, does your phone have a default sound for Bluetooth sync? Like Russell mentioned in his article, it is pretty easy to use a tool like hcidump or the soon to be released BTfind which will help identify and enumerate found Bluetooth devices.

Next time you are at a conference, on the bus, train or at your local coffee shop pay attention and listen…you might be amazed at what you hear.

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