McCain is a technology n00b

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McCain can't use a computer

Yes, it’s true. Presidential candidate John McCain is just now learning to use a computer. He also has said that he doesn’t use email (he has staff and consultants to do that for him). So what does this say about him and how he would handle technology issues? In particular, security issues related to technology and national security. As someone who has embraced technology and social media I have some mixed feelings about this.

I guess in a way it’s good to be a bit “old fashioned” but if he was to become the president don’t you think that he should at least be competent with basic computer technology (like reading and responding to at least some of his email)? Perhaps we should send him a copy of this book to help him along?

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  1. Mike says:

    I would prefer a n00b to a self-confessed b00b who uses "the google" to goof off on working time and look at his land holdings (think Family Circus, with Billy running all around the house and the little dotted line), or who illegally^w retroactively legally snoops on vast swaths of the interwebs.

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