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I’m sure you have already read this on other blogs…however, if you didn’t get the news yet…Backtrack 3 has been officially released last week on the PaulDotCom show. I know myself and others have been using the beta and have been looking forward to this final release. Here are some highlights as posted by Max Moser one of the creators of Backtrack 3:

SAINT has provided BackTrack users with a functional version of SAINT, pending a free request for an IP range license through the SAINT website, valid for 1 year.

The guys over at Paterva have created a special version of Maltego v2.0 with a community license especially for BackTrack users. We would like to thank Paterva for co-operating with us and allowing us to feature this amazing tool in BackTrack.

Tenable would not allow for redistribution of Nessus on BackTrack 3.

Kernel Yes, yes, stop whining….We had serious deliberations concerning the BT3 kernel. We decided not to upgrade to a newer kernel as wireless injection patches were not fully tested and verified. We did not want to jeopardize the awesome wireless capabilities of BT3 for the sake of sexiness or slightly increased hardware compatibilities. All relevant security patches have been applied.

As usual, updated, sharpened, SVN’ed and armed to the teeth. This release we have some special features such as spoonwep, fastrack and other cool additions.

For the first time we distribute three different version of Backtrack 3
– CD version
– USB version
– VMWare version

BackTrack 3 final download page is here.

Final Requests
We request the community to not mirror or torrent this release, or otherwise distribute it online without our knowledge. We are trying to gather statistics about bt3 downloads. If you would like to mirror BT3 then please:

1) Think again! Traffic generated by BT3 downloads is CRAZY.
2) Please contact us before doing so.
3) Send us monthly statistics of downloads for the iso.

If you would like to add a link to BackTrack downloads to your website, please use: as the download link.

Problems, fixes, bugs, opinions – should all end up in our Remote Exploit community forums, and our wiki.

Awesome that Maltego has been added to Backtrack! Safe to say that Maltego is the best Internet reconnaissance tool out there. Too bad about Nessus but I hear SAINT is a good vulnerability scanner alternative (note that SAINT is a commercial product like Nessus but they don’t have a “home user” plugin feed like Nessus provides). Also, be sure to link to the Backtrack 3 download as Max specifies. Please don’t torrent the iso as they would like to track overall download statistics.

One final reminder, the Security Justice podcast will be interviewing Dave Kennedy of SecureState on the Fast-track script he developed. Fast-track in included in the Backtrack 3 distribution and is an integral part of using Backtrack 3 to it’s fullest potential. Look for this special edition podcast in the next week or so.

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