The Honey Stick Project: Tracking Mobile Storage Devices

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<%image(20080319-honey_pot.jpg|99|110|Honey Pot!)%>

Here is a pretty cool project that I stumbled upon over at Security Catalyst. The concept is to have a “Honey Pot for mobile storage devices” but each mobile storage device (USB key, iPod, etc…) in reality becomes it’s own “Honey Stick” where the researcher can safely track how many people are plugging these devices into their computers. The hope is that by leaving these devices around in public areas, someone will pick them up..and plug them in. There is even a psychological aspect to this because the researcher, Scott Wright, is actually finding people that want to return these found devices to the owner!

While there may be some privacy concerns conducting this type of public experiment…Scott seems to have done his homework on this project thus far. I am looking forward to reading more about his results as the experiment continues. He has results for his first “stream” here. Check out the Honey Stick Project web site for full details and information.

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