Suspected Malware Infected Hannaford Servers

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Interesting developments in the Hannaford Supermarket breach that was reported a few weeks ago. Seems that malware infected 300 some servers that were located at each of the stores. This malware was apparently collecting and sending customer credit card data to overseas locations. I like the following part the best:

“Andrew Conry of InformationWeek adds that Hannaford, in addition to the breach, has two related class action lawsuits on its hands alleging negligence in maintaining customer security. And he suggests that there might be some truth to the claims, noting that Hannaford should have noticed that “internal servers were transmitting outside the network to a strange IP. This should’ve raised flags somewhere–server logs, IDS logs, firewall logs.””

No kidding…this should have triggered an alert somewhere don’t you think? Interesting to see this all play out now…

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  1. Tyler says:

    Interesting. Now, the real question is, was this a targeted attack or did some malware get inside the network and start infecting the servers?

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