Hacking West Edmonton Mall

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Found this post over at the Defcon forums…RenderMan did a wireless audit of West Edmonton Mall (located in Canada) which is one of the largest malls in the world. RenderMan details his assessment of the 200+ wireless networks and devices…including a separate review of Bluetooth devices found.

From the article:

“With the holiday season around me and the rampant orgy of consumer spending that was occurring nearby at one of the worlds largest shopping malls, I took it upon myself to conduct my own study of retail, and consumer wireless security during the busiest shopping time of the year. My target was West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest retail malls in the world.

This report details my methods and results. Information that directly identifies weak static targets will be withheld or scrubbed out of respect and to give retailers a chance to secure themselves. This report was also sent to mall administration 1 week before public release so as to give those stores some time to react. No comments were raised.

Beyond the tenants of responsible disclosure, this report hopes to be a frank and frightening look at how poor retail security is during the 2007 holiday season”

I would say that the wireless security of the retailers in you local mall would probably have the same results..scary..especially after the media frenzy that took place after TJX. Check out his article…good stuff. I still have to post my results of my Wardriving experiment from a large suburban neighborhood…which also show some interesting results as well. Look for that soon! 🙂

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