UK’s Biggest Data Breach Ever: HMRC

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As I am sure all of you are already aware…the UK recently had their biggest data breach ever. 25 million (close to half of the population in the UK) personal records which include names of children, the equivalent of the SSN in the US, address, and certain bank info. Interesting read about this incident over at IT Security Expert who was personally affected by this HMRC breach (actually this is the second time for him now). I personally feel just like he does as I had my personal information (SSN and more) compromised by the US government twice this year already. I recently just received my “one year” of free credit monitoring from a third-party service. I could blog about how worthless one year of this service is (one year is not enough by the way) and the problems I have already had with this service but I will leave that for later. Not sure if the UK government will give them the same type of service but I hope it is a hell of a lot better then when the US government has given out.

Sad how you as a citizen of a country could do everything you can to protect your identity. We buy shredders, check our credit reports, etc…but it’s the government of your country (who you assume to trust the most) who loses your personal data and all you get is one crappy year of credit monitoring service.

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