Crack passwords with your Playstation 3!

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This was a hard one to categorize as I have a Video Game Console Hack section but this really isn’t a hack…it looks like a New Zealand security researcher determined that cracking password hashes on a Playstation 3 via brute force is much faster (100 times actually) then cracking on Intel based hardware. From the article:

“The gaming console is perfect for cracking passwords because the chips it uses are optimized to rapidly perform the calculations required to model 3-D environments. The computing techniques used to crack passwords are similar.”

In addition, the console is pretty affordable (cheaper then a Intel based PC/laptop) so this is great for cracking passwords on the cheap. Be sure to check out the podcast that is linked in the article I referenced above as the researcher explains some of the ramifications of this research (good stuff about cracking Bit Torrent hashes to poison download chunks). Hopefully we get to information down the road about the setup he used on the PS3 to achieve this (I will post an update when I get it).

This relates to the video card password hash cracking technology that Elcomsoft developed but the Playstation 3 cell processor runs way faster (like the tune of 1.4 billion calculations).

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