MS06-040 = Patch now!

Microsoft patch Tuesday brings us another very critical vunerability that needs to be patched ASAP! This one has the potential to be developed into a huge worm: SANS – Internet Storm Center – Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System Note: Even though this article says Windows SP2 can block this…patching should still occur regardless!

DefCon Photos and Info

Good write up and pics below on DefCon going on right now in Las Vegas. If you don’t know, DefCon is the largest black hat/white hat/fed hacker conference in the US. Hoping next year I can get this on my training schedule! Gotta love that “Wall of Sheep” DefCon: Friday Insanity!

War driving by rocket at 6,800 feet

So this is seriously have heard of “War Driving” and “War Flying”, etc…how about “War Rocketing”? Only at DEFCON: War driving by rocket at 6,800 feet