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Free Identity Theft Prevention Materials

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<%image(20080207-idt_160x90_ddd_red.gif|160|90|FTC ID Theft Program)%>

Did you know that you can order free identity theft materials from the Federal Trade Commission? The FTC has a really good program called “Deter, Detect, Defend” to help educate the public about identity theft. They offer free bulk orders of pamphlets, handouts, and other paraphernalia to distribute to your company, friends, family, etc…great if you want to get good material for a security awareness program to distribute. There is a ton of good material to order, not just about identity theft, but about social networking dangers and safe web browsing among many other topics (many computer security related topics).

They even have a pre-made pdf’s and PowerPoint slides that are complete and ready to download, great if you are conducting any speeches or talks about identity theft.

You can order this free material directly from the FTC’s web site here.