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Web Surfing in Public Places Is a Way to Court Trouble – New York Times

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Very good article from the NY Times today about wireless security in airports and public hotspots. With an article in the “business” section of the NY Times, it goes to show that wireless security is becoming more of an issue. Some key points from the article:

– Educate your employees on how small of a circle you travel in, noting that when you are on your cell phone others are listening to your conversation.

– Someone could easily be using a packet sniffer at the airport or hotspot to sniff all of the traffic from your machine. Sniffers are easy to download and use.

– You should always use a VPN when surfing or checking email. That way all the traffic from your machine is encrypted. Most (smart) corporations provide VPN access to their employees. You can also use subscription services like HotSpotVPN for about $10 a month or use a free solution like Hamachi (highly recommended) to connect back to your home network via VPN and surf from your home Internet connection.

– Never use a public computer to access the Internet! It is way to easy to install a keylogger on these computers and everything you type (passwords, CC#’s) could be logged and sent to a malicious person. If you must use a public computer, use a solution like RoboForm ($30 shareware) that defeats keyloggers and encrypts your passwords to a USB key.

– Use a cable lock to lock your laptop to a chair or table if you leave your laptop unattended. This is especially important at a conference or hotel room.

– Use a Notebook Privacy Filter. This cool device only allows you to read your laptop screen. You can’t view anything on the screen when looking at it from any angle but head on.

Web Surfing in Public Places Is a Way to Court Trouble – New York Times