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Notacon 7 – Things to Do and Talks to Attend

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The con that is Notacon is upon us. Notacon is one of the best con’s I have ever attended!  It’s a great mix of hacking, security, art, technology and everything in between.  It’s also small enough to network with others…oh, and its in Cleveland which means its affordable!  Things get started tonight with a free preview beginning at 7pm! Some of the speakers will be giving previews of their talks so go check it out if you can.

Just like previous years, there are some really cool events you need to attend including Whose Slide is it Anyway, the Friday night experience and Blockparty!  This year the lock picking village is sponsored by Cleveland Locksport and be sure to check out Deviant Ollam’s new challenge the Defiant Box. Security Justice will also have a live show at 11pm Friday night in the Notacon Radio room. As for talks, this years lineup looks great!  Here are my picks of talks to attend this year:

Mick Douglas (from PaulDotCom Security Weekly) – U R Doin it Wrong Info Disclosure over P2P Networks
Tiffany Rad – Hacking Your Car: Reverse Engineering Protocols, Legalities and the Right to Repair Act
Brad Smith – Stealing from God!
Emily Schooley – Independent Filmmaking – Bringing Your Ideas from Paper to the Screen, and Everything in Between
Nicolle “rogueclown” Neulist – Hey, Don’t Call That Guy A Noob: Toward a More Welcoming Hacker Community
int eighty – Malicious PDF Analysis
catfood – Why Your Software Project Sucks (and how to make it not suck)
Dead Addict – Hidden Trust relationships, an exploration
Jeff “ghostnomad” Kirsch – The Haiku of Security: Complexity through Simplicity
David Kennedy (rel1k) – The Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET) – Putting cool back into SE

Adrian Crenshaw (IronGeek) – Anti-forensics
James Arlen, Chris Clymer, Mick Douglas, and Brandon Knight – Social Engineering Security Into Your Business
James Arlen, Leigh Honeywell, Tiffany Rad and Jillian Loslo – Hacking The Future: Weaponizing the Next Generation
Melissa Barron – Hacking 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L for the Apple ][
Tom Eston, Chris Clymer, Matthew Neely, The Confused Greenies – Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (did you see our preview?)
James Arlen – SCADA and ICS for Security Experts: How to avoid cyberdouchery
Eleanor Saitta – Designing the Future of Sex

Also on Saturday night don’t miss Dual Core at 8pm!  I’ll be around at the con hanging out so if you see me stop and say Hi.  See you there!

Notacon 6 Speaker Update

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Notacon Logo

Looks like the Notacon website has updated the speaker list and there looks to be some really good talks so far. Here is the list from the Notacon 6 website and blog post:

Time To Replicate The Real Threat: Client Side Penetration Testing
CG & g0ne

Interactivity with Arduinos, Transducing the Physical World
droops & Morgellon the Lowtek Mystic

Fun With The MSP430 MCU
Travis Goodspeed

Hacking Light – How we came to love Holga and Other Stories of photo hi jinx
Jeon & Treize

“Pilates” for Common Cubicle Injuries
Michele Martaus

Super Jason Scott Presentation 64
Jason Scott

Programming The Sega Genesis For Mad Profit and Crazy Mad Profit

Hacking Cognition
Tottenkoph & Selkie

Intro to Go
Jason Viers

What is Notacon?
Notacon is one of the most unique conferences you will ever attend! Notacon 6 is April 16th – 19th 2009 held in Cleveland, Ohio. Notacon explores and showcases technologies, philosophy and creativity often overlooked at many “hacker cons”. Registration is open!

Young IT Professionals of Northeast Ohio

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There is a new group forming in Northeast Ohio for IT professionals focused on the younger generation and is an opportunity to network and learn from one another. The first meeting is at the Great Lakes Brewing Company on December 10th @ 6pm (downstairs in the beer cellar). Cost is $15 to help with appetizers but is open bar! Read: Great Lakes has Christmas Ale on tap!

If you plan on attending please RSVP to Devon Campbell (dcampbell2 [aT]

This event should be a great way to network and meet others in the area! Hope to see some of you locals there!

New Security Podcast: Security Justice

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<%image(20080621-sj_logo_header_300x21.jpg|300|27|Security Justice Podcast)%>

After several months of work the team of Matt, Dave, Tyler, and myself finally went live with our first podcast called Security Justice a few days ago. Let me tell you…getting a podcast up and running was no easy task but it finally paid off. Special thanks to Dave for getting the mixer, microphones, software and related technology to record the podcast. Also thanks to Dual Core for letting us use their music in our podcast!

We just released episodes 1 and 2 the other day along with the web site. Our podcast has a pretty cool local feel to it. We record live right after the Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum at Mavis Winkle’s Irish Pub in Independence, Ohio near Cleveland. We have a live audience which allows for some pretty unique interactions as well as comments and input directly from the crowd of fellow security geeks. 🙂 We interview the presenters from the Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum (takes place the 3rd Wednesday of every month) and discuss recent hot security topics. In addition, we plan on having “special edition” podcasts which will consist of interviews with well known security researches and “security celebrities”. We have one that will be released here in a day or two.

Anyway, check us out! Let us know of any feedback that you have either here or via the Security Justice web site. Thanks for listening and for supporting the local Cleveland security community!

You can also follow Security Justice on Twitter or FriendFeed!

The Cleveland Security Community

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If you are in the Cleveland, Ohio area and a security professional be sure to check out the other security bloggers that are located in our area:

Security Second Thoughts
The Security Shoggoth

Even if you are not from Cleveland, check them out!

Matt and I are also on Twitter. Here is Matt’s profile, and mine. Feel free to umm..tweet us!

If you are located in Cleveland you should hopefully know we have a growing security community…currently focused around a few local groups which meet on a regular basis. Check out these groups and get involved!

NEO Information Security Forum
The Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum is a professional organization for people interested in information security. Members are in the information security, networking, system administration/engineering, and IT industry who are either involved in or interested in the information security field. The composition of the membership range from professionals working in the public sector (at colleges, universities, government agencies) to private industry (banks, manufacturing, tech, services) to college students. The group comes together monthly to discuss issues, watch presentations from members and speakers from outside of the group, and demos of various tools and techniques in the information security arena.

InfraGard Northern Ohio Chapter
InfraGard is a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program that began in the Cleveland Field Office in 1996. It was a local effort to gain support from the information technology industry and academia for the FBIs investigative efforts in the cyber arena. The program expanded to other FBI Field Offices, and in 1998 the FBI assigned national program responsibility for InfraGard to the former National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) and to the Cyber Division in 2003. InfraGard and the FBI have developed a relationship of trust and credibility in the exchange of information concerning various terrorism, intelligence, criminal, and security matters.

The Northern Ohio Information Technology Roundtable provides a forum for the exchange of information covering a broad and diverse range of Information Technology (IT) topics. NOITR members constitute a diverse cross-section of manufacturing and critical infrastructure industries, government agencies, academic institutions, and enforcement bureaus within Northern Ohio.

Cleveland is also host for two security related conferences:

NEO Information Security Summit
Notacon (not really a “security” conference but has security themes and topics, yet very innovative and getting lots of national attention)

There will be an announcement about another web site in the works that will be promoting the Cleveland Security Bloggers as well as a Cleveland Security Podcast in the works…yes, I said it..a podcast! Trust us, this won’t be your typical security podcast either. Stay tuned for these announcements in the next few weeks!

Collaboration Technology and Engaging the Campus 2008

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Posted at Securi-D’s blog…I am spreading the word to other hip and cool technology people in Cleveland, Ohio… 😛

Thursday, May 8, 2008
Case Western Reserve University
Thwing Center
Cleveland, Ohio

9am – 4 pm

To the Cleveland 2.0 Community:

This is an outstanding opportunity for the entire Cleveland community to learn and participant in the emerging world of collaboration technology. In addition to workshops, panels, and keynotes, there are big raffle drawings for computer systems and more (must be present to win). The website is open for registration. Case Western Reserve University will highlight new technologies and how they enhance research and discovery during its campus Collaboration Technologies Summit 2008 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 8 in Thwing Center. In addition, the keynote and panels will be streamed in ClevelandPlus in SecondLife.

All university faculty, staff, students, alumni, neighborhood and community partners are invited to attend the symposium and demonstration eventthat will be conducted simultaneously at collaborative sites throughout world.

The event will feature a keynote address by Anthony D. Williams. An author, researcher and consultant, Williamss latest project is the bestselling book (co-authored with Don Tapscott) called Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything.

Two panels at the summit will be anchored by Campus Computing Project Director, Dr. Kenneth Green, Visiting Scholar at Claremont Colleges. The first panel is titled Making Sense of the explosion of Web 2.0 tools and their relevance and consequence in Higher Education. Panelists include educators and faculty leaders from Case Western Reserve University, University of Southern California, Bradley University, and Researchers from IBM. At the end of the day-long event Green will host a panel called Collaboration TechnologyWhats Next?: Bold Predictions, Cautionary Notes and Take Away Lessons. Panelists include leaders from Case Western Reserve University, Tri-C, MIT, and the co-founder of SecondLife, Cory Ondrejka.